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Thank you for visiting my web site.  I play finger-style acoustic guitar, harp guitar, and electric base.  Using open tunings, I write instrumentals and the occasional song.

When I was in the 6th grade, my sister showed me how to play the chord E minor.  It only took two fingers and I was amazed at the rich, lonesome sound.  Many years have passed and I am still in love with the guitar.  Currently my goals are to continue learning, to exchange music and ideas with new friends, and continue searching for the elusive perfect melody.

My hometown of Tulsa has a rich musical history and has produced many great guitar players.  I am fortunate to have benefited from their influence.

On this site I will try to explore topics such as tunings, recording gear, live gear, balancing music and life, chatting with Jimi Hendrix, etc.  I would welcome your comments or thoughts.


Pardon the mess, still constructing.

“Oologah Lake” photo by Charlie Hill


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