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March 29       Ecofest 2014, Tulsa Community College

April 26,         Norman Music Festival, Norman Okla.

May 17,           Tulsa International Mayfest

May 18,           Blue Dome Festival, Tulsa

May 31,           Make In Oklahoma Beer and Wine Festival, Midwest City


March 30,     Ecofest 2013, Tulsa Community College

April 7,            Southwoods Nursey, Tulsa

April 13,         Agora Coffee House

May 19,          The Blue Dome Festival, Tulsa

June 7,           Brady District Art Crawl, Tulsa

Sept 14,          I Am Yoga, Music and Art Festival, Tulsa

Sept 22,         Southwoods Nursery, Tulsa


March 24,      Agora Coffee House, Tulsa

March 31        Ecofest, Tulsa Community College

April 3,            Private Event

April 29          Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts

May 12            The Coffee House On Cherry Street, Tulsa

May 19            The Blue Dome Festival, Tulsa

June 30          Stone Bluff Cellars, Haskell, Okla.

July 13            The Coffee House On Cherry Street, Tulsa

Sept 1              Stone Bluff Cellars, Haskell, Okla.

Sept   22         Cherry Street Farmers Market

Sept 23           Southwoods Nursey, Living Arts

Sept 28           Lehigh Valley Music Conference, PN


March 26,      Ecofest, Tulsa Community College

April 22,         Agora Coffee House, Tulsa

April 29,         Oklahoma City Festival of the Arts

May 28,          Agora Coffee House, Tulsa

Oct. 1,              Cherry Street Farmers Market, Tulsa.

Dec. 10,          Agora Coffee House, Tulsa   (Special Event, all proceeds to Clare House Hospice, Tulsa)


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